Release the power within you

Release the power within

I use the power of conversation to help people to follow their good ideas through, to help them release the power within.

If you work with me in a coaching relationship that is what I will do for you.  I will help you engage the power within you by:

  • helping you to clarify exactly what you want to do, to be really clear about your goals
  • helping you to seize this moment
  • stopping you from getting caught up in old negative and self-destructive behaviours.


How do we engage the power within and make the most of our potential?

In my experience, there are particular moments in our lives when we want to develop, to do something with our good ideas rather than seeing them come to nothing.

But all too often we fail to make the most of our potential not because we are not capable but because we get snared in negative thinking and in regressive parts of ourselves.

We become overly doubtful at exactly the moment when we should be pushing on.  We lose momentum.  The moment is gone and we are left regretting what might have been.

If you work with me in a coaching relationship I will:

  • help you stay focussed on your goals
  • help you to understand the ways in which you may lose confidence and focus,
  • help you avoid becoming caught up in self-doubt and fear.

Don’t hold yourself back – engage the power within

If we are going to deliver on our potential we have to find a way to get the upper hand over our own self-defeating tendencies.  This is why you need a high-quality coach, someone who is experienced in helping people overcome negativity and set backs.

We have to make a transition from the person we have been to the person we are trying to become.

The power of conversation – helping you see your situation more clearly

To see yourself clearly you need a good mirror.  You need to work with a coach that has developed a highly reflective capacity.  Someone who can quickly help you grasp the way you may undermine yourself.

This is imperative, absolutely vital, because you need to seize this moment, today, right now to release the power within you.

Act on your good ideas now, release the power within

These impulses to change and develop ourselves don’t come along every five minutes so it is essential that when we feel ourselves interested to change something, that we can do so.  That you are able to act on your good ideas right now.

If we don’t act with clarity and focus, the moment, the possibility will be gone and we will be back in the predictable world we only moments ago were so interested to get out of.

If we are going to do something new we have to break out of old habits.  How do we do this?  How do we spot when we are in the grip of old habits?

In my work I use conversations to help you focus upon:

  • your goals.
  • your strengths
  • how to see your weaknesses and potential pit falls more clearly
  • how to make the change you want to make.


How I help people to release the power within – my formula

At the start of all coaching projects I keep a close watch on the objectives and vision my clients are trying to pursue.

At the same time, using a simple and proven formula that I have developed, I assess and build up an understanding of the ways in which projects and things have failed in the past, the way that previous attempts at change and progress have gone wrong.

Sometimes these things are down to bad luck.  A change of boss at work, an unforeseen complication in a personal relationship.

But sometimes it’s not about bad luck, it’s about people being caught in repetitive and self-limiting cycles of behaviour. This is something that we have the power to change.

If we are serious about using the power within us, it is essential that we identify such limiting habits before they have a chance to get in the way of our next good idea.  It is crucial that we don’t put our own self-limiting tendencies down to bad luck.

If you work with me you will stop looking for bad luck as a reason things went wrong and become better at spotting opportunities and chances to develop the power within you.

I want my clients to succeed, to achieve their goals, to develop themselves to their fuller potential.

How I work

All of my work takes place through confidential conversations.  In terms of process, coaching work tends to start by conversations that clarify objectives, but too often objectives are not enough. It is all too easy for us to get derailed and that is where a coach is vital.

In my work I take care to understand the way my clients tend to derail, how they get in the way of themselves.  The way they may get in the way of their own aims and best intentions, of their own power within.

We all have the potential to derail, to turn almost automatically to habits and behaviours that ultimately hold us back.  This is why a coaching relationship is so important; because it provides the confidential space to search ourselves to identify tendencies that will undermine our attempts to develop ourselves and the people we work with.

Contact me now for a free telephone consultation to discuss how my approach to conversations, coaching and change can help you make more of the power within you.