Living with anxiety

If you suffer from non-specific anxiety states, everyday life can become very difficult. It may not be clear where the anxiety comes from, but nonetheless it can be operating in an on going way. Over time such feelings can spoil all sorts of otherwise ordinary and enjoyable things. So a trip to the shops can be spoiled by the sense of anxious discomfort, and you can start to prefer being in at home without the pressures you meet by being out in the world. It becomes challenging finding a way of containing the emotion so that life does not start to feel overwhelmed by it.

Some states like this may have a very long history, you may never feel you have been able to relax. On the other hand it may be that life did not use to be like this and that the heightened anxiety has developed following a sudden traumatic experience.

Whatever the situation is, it may be possible to speak about it, and you may find that the act of speaking helps you to feel like you are getting on top of the anxious feelings. What you may discover is that finding a way to speak about it helps you get the feelings under control, and with that control comes more freedom to live in a more relaxed and enjoyable way.