Inner Demons

Inner demons might be thought of as negative recurring voices and messages that we repeatedly tell ourselves. They might be based on old situations and relationships that involved a high degree of criticism, self-doubt and negative type thought patterns and … Read More

Why Can’t I cry?

Our emotional and psychological identities develop throughout our lives. But at some point, they can become fixed and we lose the fluid adaptability that we have in our earlier years. I don’t understand why I can’t cry. Even when my … Read More

Othello Syndrome

Othello Syndrome describes a type of delusion characterised by irrational jealousy. The delusion is based upon the idea that your partner is having an affair. The groundless, the idea takes hold and it can’t be shaken off. In Shakespeare’s play … Read More

Sexual Frustration

The development of our sexuality is complicated and sophisticated.  It develops as part of our physical development.  Sexual desire is an area of human need that probably develops behind food, water, housing, sleep and relating to others, but it is … Read More

Cocaine Comedown

Bad cocaine stories tend to go in one direction: down There is a recognisable pattern that cocaine users go through, a negative spiral. As a user becomes more hooked on cocaine, as their addiction develops they go through various experiences. … Read More

Clinical Audit

For as long as I can remember I have struggled to manage my emotions. Everything will be fine one moment, and then out of the blue something will go wrong. I will start to feel a deep sense of injustice … Read More

Rethink Mental Illness

What is meant when it is asserted that someone is mentally ill? In this essay I shall describe the main uses of the concept of mental illness, and I shall argue that this notion has outlived whatever cognitive usefulness it … Read More

Expecting Too Much

What it would be like if you could stop expecting too much? If you could let things develop in their own way. My old girlfriend used to say I was too reactive.  I couldn’t see it at the time, but … Read More