Delayed Grief

The term delayed grief refers to any part of mourning and grieving that is still to be resolved or come to terms with. Whatever our preconceptions might be, it is not uncommon for grieving to take place at a delayed … Read more

Systemic therapy

Systemic therapy – we are all part of different social systems Systemic therapy is interested in the way you as an individual relate to, and are in relationship with other people. It does not view you as someone in isolation … Read more

Recovering People Pleaser

A people-pleaser is someone who has become stuck within a persona of helpfulness. They are unaware and unconscious that they are wearing a mask, that they are projecting an image of themselves as helpful while all the time, their true … Read more

Family Bereavement

Grief can be overpowering  It can stop us in our tracks.  Try to remember it is entirely natural to feel like this, you feel like this because you are in mourning.  You will recover, you will adapt, it may take … Read more

Fear of rejection

Living with a fear of rejection A fear of rejection, be it to do with relationships or careers can hold us back. Rejection leaves us vulnerable and insecure.  Fitting in and being part of the group is what has enabled us to … Read more

Abandonment Issues & Relationships

Abandoned, lost property, All of the lost unclaimed things.  Do you fear that you might be discarded, lost and left behind? Abandoned children and animals are very vulnerable.  Abandonment threatens our security.  As adults we may be less vulnerable now, but if you … Read more

Toxic Siblings

Not all sibling relationships are healthy. A toxic sibling relationship is an unbalanced relationship.  It may be complicated by a history of abuse and dysfunctional sibling rivalries. Often this develops out of problems within parental relationships, or parental psychological problems. … Read more