Only Child Syndrome

There is a stereotype that only children, children without siblings, fail to develop the ordinary social bonds and attachments that children with siblings do. The reality is more nuanced. It does not follow that children with siblings are automatically more … Read more

Vulnerable Narcissist

Narcissistic issues cover a range of experiences and presentations. A vulnerable narcissist tends to be particularly insecure, sensitive to rejection, and is likely to require a high level of validation from other people. It is important to keep in min … Read more

Retroactive Jealousy: How to Manage it

Retroactive jealousy is an obsessional problem, it refers to people who have become fixated upon their partner’s romantic and sexual past. Retroactive jealousy sits under the umbrella of obsessive-compulsive disorders (RJ/OCD). Commonly, people will identify that they have become caught … Read more

Emotional Permanence

Emotional permanence refers to our capacity to believe in the feelings of other people even when we are not with them.  For example, to know that your partner loves you even when you are not together.  For some of us, … Read more

Relationship OCD

Relationship OCD refers to someone who has become consumed with obsessive doubts about their partner and their past. Experiencing changes in the emotions we feel towards a romantic partner is a natural part of developing an intimate relationship. At the … Read more

Memories of childhood

The memories we formed in childhood are some of the enduring touchstones to who we are now, and the people we have become. Some of these memories remain front of mind, and accessible. Others rise up in us when we … Read more